Are you trying to create a perfect email template to engage your customers and grow your sales, but you are being overwhelmed by the piles of ideas, tricks and instructions, that you are bombarded with daily? Everything you have tried doesn't have the desired result, and you are drowning in it? Or are you new to the world of email marketing and email templates and don’t know where to start? Or maybe you are here because you are curious about Free templates and/or what the Dragit email editor can offer you? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, this article is right for you!

No two e-mails are alike

It is hard sometimes to send a perfect email to one customer, let alone effectively target a group that is so diverse in many aspects. And even harder to do it when we want our emails to bring us profit! We wish, it was that easy, and we we could just write to clients, "we need you to buy from us, thank you," and clients would fill us with orders. But we all know it's a little more complicated than that, isn't it?

To give you a general overview of the best profit-generating email types and make your sales-seeking journey a little easier for you, we will tell you about 8 main types of emails and email templates that will help you with it. We also grouped them into 4 ‘main goals’ categories you would want to achieve by sending them: Acquisition, VIP Care, Business Contact, and Customer retention. Curious? Let's start!

8 types of emails to boost your sales

GOAL 1. ACQUISITION: Clients must feel, from your approach, how you personally respect and care for them, from the first moment they join you….

Welcome emails

What are welcome emails?

Welcome emails, are the emails subscribers receive first, when they register for any e-mailing.

Why shall you send welcome emails?

We need to get clients, but also to keep them. This first email can reach them right after their subscription or sometimes only after their first purchase. They exist mainly to make clients realise, that we have noticed them and that we are interested in them and feel the need to become a member, to get involved. This type of email is also a first impression, that our emailing strategy has on our new/future clients, and as we all know, we have the opportunity to make the first impression only once!

How to approach welcome emails?

While they seem small and straightforward, you can do many interesting things with them with the help of the email templates to welcome your client properly and establish a connection. In some cases, you may use a simple "Hello, welcome” header, make an email template in the style and colors of the company, and put just the classic info below the line, such as social networks, web links, etc. In other cases, you may create a very minimalistic but personal-sounding welcome letter from your company's owners/founders/directors, with minimal to no visuals - only the company's logo and writer’s signature (see above). Or you may instantly jump to motivating your clients to perform the first purchase with the help of a discount offer or by providing a great introduction to your products or services. If you don't know where to start, try one of our FREE welcome email templates!

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! TIPS AND TRICKS !: This is a situation in which you can try using a Merge Tag. These are special codes, which are replaced by a unique word for each client when sending e-mails. The most common thing you will use in this case is the Name.

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GOAL 2. VIP CARE: Clients shall also feel that being a part of your emailing list brings some unique benefits for them, or at least they have the opportunity to learn about them much faster and/or more clearly. For example, the following types of emails will help you to achieve exactly that…

Promotional e-mails (special offers, discount coupons, etc.)

What are promotional emails?

Promotional emails are the emails that use various incentives such as discounts, coupons, preferential access to new products and promotions, etc., to promote your products and motivate a recipient to buy them.

Why shall you send promotional emails?

If you want to sell your services/products, you need to promote them. And what is better than attracting your clients with interesting offers! Not only does each of us like to enjoy discounts and special deals, but a nice ‘limited in time’ offer would add a sense of urgency and would motivate your clients make a quick decision and boost your sales. Now or never. It's so tempting that it's hard to resist!

How to approach promotional emails?

Good timing is an important factor for promotional emails. And so is a great variety of offers and looks. Clients shouldn't get too used to them, and therefore they will always have another similarly irresistible and attractive incentive. To get inspired, try our Mega Sale Free email template.

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Thank you e-mails (special offers as awards for subscribers activity)

What are thank you emails?

Thank you emails are the emails sent as an appreciation of the clients’ engagement and involvement in your conversation and business. It can be just a simple ‘thank you for the purchase’ or even a discount or another special incentive you use, to thank clients for being active.

Why shall you send thank you e-mails?

You might underestimate the importance of thank you emails, but they are one of the best ways to make clients feel like a VIP. It's such icing on the cake with which we make subscribers realise that we perceive their involvement and appreciate them.

Did you know? That welcome emails generate 320% more revenue per email compared to any other promotional email?

How to approach thank you e-mails?

Be personal, use the personality of your company, your mascot, or any key representative of your communication with clients, which reflects how much you value their activities. Use tactics that are perceived as special in your company. Do you rarely send discount coupons? Send some special ones to those active clients, so they will feel even more exceptional. To get inspired, take a look at what we have prepared for you, this amazing thank you template is fully editable and is completely free!

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! TIPS AND TRICKS !: This is a situation in which we shell remember how important it is to build Branding. The brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other element that distinguishes your products or services from others. And an email communication shall not be an exception.

Birthday emails, seasonal and holiday emails, and other occasion - dedicated emails

What are birthday emails, seasonal and holiday emails?

Birthday, seasonal, and holiday emails are the special occasion-related emails sent to the clients to show, that you care, and to further highlight how you remember and value them. They usually come with congratulations or special occasion-related limited offers. 

There are so many occasions you can celebrate with your audience - Christmas, Valentine's Day, Black Friday, New Year’s Eve…or even your subscribers’ birthdays! Whenever the celebration happens, you shall be there!

Why shall you send birthday emails, seasonal and holiday emails?

By sending occasion-related emails, you will further support subscribers’ sense of belonging and uniqueness by including them in the celebrations with you, which they often celebrate only with friends and family. You will show your audience, that you are thinking of them and that you also have something planned for them. It will make you feel more like a team, like valuable parts of each other’s life.

How to approach birthday emails, seasonal and holiday emails?

Be personal, know your clients, and share, what you know will be most valuable for them. Follow trends, follow preferences, and show your audience you think about them.

As for birthdays and holidays, or any anniversary of the clients, it can be just a simple ‘thank you’ and a wish, or it can be a gift for the next purchase or even a time-limited discount.

For big celebrations like Valentine's Day or Christmas, be thematic but stay authentic (don't forget branding = your brand!). If you prefer minimalistic designs, gently spice it up with a touch of the holiday mood, like with an image or vector element in a header. If you are not afraid of maximalism, you can enjoy full-scale thematic designs. See what we have planned for you as a romantic gift for Valentine's Day with our free e-mail template!

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GOAL 3. BUSINESS CONTACT: Once clients use your services or buy your product, it is great to keep staying in touch and update them on the current status of the order to show your care. This would help to motivate your customer to keep doing business with you and prevent potential refunds and cancellations…

Transactional e-mails (order acceptance, sending, delivery, etc.)

What are transactional e-mails?

Transactional emails are the emails by which we keep the client in the picture from the moment he orders the product/service until everything has arrived, services are performed, and we receive feedback.

Why shall you send transactional e-mails?

As we have already mentioned earlier, keeping clients in the picture and along for the ride while you are doing work with them is very important. These emails shall be kept as clear as possible. These emails are the most important for the clients at a given moment. There is no worse feeling than when you are waiting for a package, and you have not received a single email about what is happening with it, or that (THE HORROR!) no information that it will ever arrive. 

How to approach transactional e-mails?

The primary information now is not other offers, information about news, etc. The latest update on the order/condition of goods/services concerns clients the most. After clients make a purchase, follow with path of the complete status updates with them, from when they placed an order to when they have received the goods/services and gave you feedback. Clear and well-structured emails (like in our Free Templates) are the best way to keep your clients happy and satisfied. If you want to receive additional feedback from your audience on how you did your job, you can always confirm it by sending them a feedback request email. 

Get This Order Confirmation Free Email Template Here

GOAL 4. Customer Retention: Last but not least, don't forget to remind your clients that you are always there for them and you are thinking of them and looking forward to engage with them in any way. For this, the following e-mails are used…

Abandoned cart email 

What is an abandoned cart email?

Abandoned cart emails are the emails that serve to notify the client of an unfinished order.

Why shall you send abandoned cart emails?

With abandoned cart emails, you show your clients that you have noticed their activity and needs. You show them the care; that is, you want them to be still able to buy what they want. You can also warn clients, that what they have currently in the basket may not be there next time or would be at a different price. This will introduce the motivation for action and a sense of urgency for the purchase.

How to approach abandoned cart emails?

You know how it feels to do window shopping and end up not buying anything. Something is missing. Clients love looking at your shop but often don't finish their purchase. They will spend hours and hours on your site, where you have prepared everything so immaculately for them and nothing. Use what comes to your mind to show the client what a pity that is. Show them the items they forgot in the basket, remind them how much they wanted them, and show them that the price may change next time! 

For clients, such an email is an opportunity to remember what fascinated them about your store! And maybe with such a reminder, you will finally be able to close the sale! Many shopping carts remain abandoned, and it is a great untapped potential for you.

Take a look at our "abandoned cart" in the free email template below!

Get This Free Abandoned Cart Email Template Here

Emails to reactivate clients - We miss you

What are client reactivation emails?

Client reactivation emails are the emails used to restore an activity of a currently passive subscriber. Take them as a tool to try to re-evoke the first look the client once had, and together with it all the positive memories and feelings associated with you.

Why shall you send client reactivation emails?

Nowadays your audience is getting so many different emails a day. Some emails they would skip or delete without reading. When it comes to some emailing, they might not even remember ever subscribing. Your emails may unfortunately also fall under any of those categories. If that happens, remind them how much you are missing them! Remind them with a catchy subject line and a great offer or value email they won’t miss! This is a tool not only for retaining, but also for re-establishing communication. Your audience would be reminded of a communication you have, that your email is not just an ordinary cold reach. They will feel the attention and uniqueness, that would please any of us.

How to approach client reactivation emails?

Sometimes you can just decide to send a simple email with “We miss you , *Name*” text. Other times, for a better effect, you might consider adding different incentives, values or just show what services/products the client is losing. Make it brief, get to the point, be honest, clients will appreciate it.  Check out our great Client Reactivation FREE Template. 

Get This Free Client Reactivation Email Template Here

Newsletters (News sent by email)

What are Newsletter emails?

Newsletters are regular emails that inform your audience about all the latest news from your company.

Why shall you send Newsletter emails?

Newsletters usually account for a significant portion of marketing effort of the company. They help your audience understand your brand, inform about latest updates, remind clients of you, bring back and recover your last conversation. 

How to approach Newsletter emails?

In the newsletter, it is important not to forget about your brand identity and concentrate on it. Talk about the news, updates, your common interests with the client. Think about what motivates your audience to communicate with you, why they have visited your website and subscribed in the first place. As an example of a newsletter, we have prepared this great Free Email Template below. 

Get This Free Newsletter Email Template Here

In conclusion

CONVERSATION: Remember, the main goal of email marketing is to involve clients in the conversation, engage them, get them and not bombard or scare them away. In emailing, as in life, everything needs balance. We recommend you, to concentrate on implementing these 4 main goals in your email marketing strategy and choose which of these 8 types of emails suit specifically your audience and your particular business.

BRANDING (brand): Your company's personality is one of the key things you need to focus on. What you create in email marketing shall be no exception. We are here to support you and help your business be who you are! Get inspired, but stay authentic!