Valentine's Day is a large celebration full of business opportunities for you and your company. According to statistics last year in the UK, 32 million consumers spent $1.98 billion on gifts. Meanwhile, in the US, people spent $27.4 billion on presents, hitting the average spending per person increased by 21.2% YoY. This statistic is very impressive, and I bet your business wants to become a part of it!

The year 2020 has turned upside down the consumer behavior patterns of people. It is easy to predict that more people today would prefer to search for their presents online. Starting your email campaign now would help you to be ahead of their google search. Do not wait for them to waste their time on google or choose your competitor. Remind them how you care about them with your great offers delivered right to their inbox! 

Which businesses are the most popular on Valentine's Day?

According to ContactPigeon, in 2019 the top popular stores for gifts were the candies store. 55% of the customers have planned to prepare some sweet presents for their loved ones. The second, third, and fourth places went to shops offering greeting cards and products with "I love you" sayings, flower shops, and gifting dates, accounting for 46% and 36-35% correspondingly. And closing our list of top businesses are jewelry and clothing stores. Regardless of, you are on the list or not, we still recommend you create Valentine's Day campaign for your customers. Every person has a unique way of showing their love, which is not falling under majority statistics. 

Why use email marketing for Valentine's Day celebration?

According to Forbes: "An average person is checking their emails around 15 times per day". This is an extremely effective way of communicating and building relationships with your clients. Valentine's Day is the most personal holiday, and email marketing is the most personalized way of communicating with your customers. Knowing your clients' activity and purchase history, in the emails, you would be able to make very targeted offers for them, boost your sales and help your clients find a perfect gift for their celebration. Additionally, Valentine's day is a great opportunity to introduce limited value offers. Many people are waiting for the events like this and are very much looking forward to your holiday offer.

How to make a great Valentine's Day email campaign?

Everything starts with the visuals. People love eye-catching things. According to the study, 67% of product users have claimed visuals to be a significantly important factor affecting their purchase decision. Meanwhile, 63% of respondents claimed them to be even more important than the product descriptions. Use impressive visuals to boost your clients’ emotional motivation to buy. Valentine’s day provides you with a great possibility of using charming email designs. The holiday is associated with bright warm colors, love, and passion.

Personalization. As we have already mentioned before, customers love personalization, which is also Valentine's Day essential. How could you make an email custom for your clients? In your email template design, you can achieve that by using Product Recommendation blocks, also called "Selected for You". The other way of personalizing your email would be through using the Email Discounts. The special targeted value deals would be available only for a limited audience - recipients of the email.

Get a head start with our free pre-made Valentine's Day templates!

To inspire yourself or to get a head start, have a look at our free professional email templates created for Valentine's Day celebration. We made sure to collect the best visuals for you. Every template is thoughtfully structured to generate the maximum value for you and for your customers. Additionally, we have made them easy to use and adjust to your business needs. You can adjust every email field in our email builder. To edit your photos to fit the style of the email you can use our offline raw data, which you could request from us.

You can check out the templates here: Template Catalog