Like every year, we are reminded that there is not just Christmas and New Year to celebrate when the last fourth of the year is closing in. Halloween (and the fall season in general) is not only an excellent opportunity for you to send out another creative and ecstatically pleasing email. But also to engage your readers. As we mentioned before, in our seasonal e-mail-related articles, grasping every opportunity to celebrate with our audience is key to success. So sit down with your PSL, light up a pumpkin lantern, and deep dive into a trick-or-treat basket of Halloween (and fall) emailing with us.

Why Focus on Halloween Emailing?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain; All Saints Day incorporated some of those traditions. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes, and eating treats. (source:

Halloween might have just been seen as a quirk of some societies in the past. But it has become a global phenomenon with movies, music, fashion, and others inspiring it and being inspired by it. The season that celebrates everything spooky, fun, and crazy (frequently even sexy) is a great time to show that you have something to offer. And honestly, it is rarely as clear and straightforward to create a thematic template as it is the Halloween one. It is another excellent opportunity to show seasonal comradery to your audience. We are here to enjoy this celebration with you! You will remain in their memory, as they will connect your company with a particular time of celebration. It can help to grow your audience, convert them and retain them. Use it well.

What to Focus on in Halloween Email Templates?


Establish a clear attitude and connection of your company to this season. Sure, no matter what your company does, you can always create a Halloween email or probably any seasonal email. But to actually make good use of the season, it is best to create a clear connection of your company to it. You can use your branding:

  • Use your company colors.
  • Dress up your logo or mascot thematically.
  • Apply your philosophy to seasonal ideas.

You can use your products and services: use any related products to the below-mentioned symbols and keywords and create new relatable connections for your clients. Don’t be spooked by the Halloween email design; use Dragit Email Editor! 

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Of course, you can use any color in your emails if you know what you want and how to do it. But Halloween has a particular color palette that will help your tremendously. 

It mainly consists of shades of: 

  • black
  • white
  • red
  • orange
  • purple
  • green 


Halloween has a lot of symbols that have been tied to it over the years. Using them in your emailing will make a considerable change. Even If you keep your branding and emailing casual, adding a few Halloween symbols here and there will make a huge difference! 

So go on and use some: 

  • ghost
  • pumpkin
  • spider
  • zombie
  • witch
  • bat 
  • vampire
  • grave
  • skull
  • candle
  • black cat
  • death
  • cauldron
  • eyeball


Text is essential. You can afford to use minimal text in highly thematic emails like Halloween ones while being straight to the point. Ideal for promotional emails and other low-text-email types. 

Focus on creative fonts, especially for your headlines. You can use bleeding fonts, stitched fonts, and other out-there fonts if you feel creative! Serif fonts and some calligraphy-style handwriting can be great for a victorian spooky castle ambiance. Scribbled handwriting can be great for a horror-like atmosphere. Clean, angular fonts can help to underline your mad-scientist theme!

You can also use tons of emojis: 💀🎃👻🧡😈🧟🪦⚰️🩸🕷️🕯️🫀🧛

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The use of keywords, especially descriptive ones, is great this season. Focus on using them, especiall in your email subject line and headlines

Use words such as:

Spooky Bloody Frightful

Ghoulish Creepy Possessed 

Scream-worthy Ghastly  Ghoulish

Revived Monstrous Blood-draining

Wicked Macabre  Devilish  Thrilling 

Why Focus on Fall-Themed Emailing?

Fall is a season when the sun is slowly starting to leave us, and colors begin to change. It is getting darker and colder, and people may feel more drained. In this day and age, people are more stressed and tired than ever. But fall can also be a symbol of change, warmth, and coziness. We can help to evoke the positive side of fall in our audience by fall-izing our templates. Help the audience to feel at ease, wrap them in a blanket, surround them with the warm colors of autumn leaves and give them some pumpkin spice latte to warm them up. Fall is also a time of celebrations across Asia, full of lanterns, seasonal sweets, and warm colors. 

It is always helpful to associate your brand with warmth and coziness. If that is not your jam, it is always great to have another reason to reach out to your audience. Keep them in the loop. Remind them you are here. Be there for them, so they are there for you. 

What to Focus on in Fall-Themed Email Templates?


As was stated earlier, it is the best policy to establish an apparent attitude and connection of your company to fall. Use your branding and product/services that help to evoke feelings of warmth, coziness, and ease for this time of year. Leave your stress behind, and get warm and cozy with our Dragit Email Editor!


Unlike any other season, fall has the most well-known color palette that you can utilise in your email template designs. You can look at the best colors to fit your brand, or you can easily do so by uploading your brand colors or main image in palette generators like Canva, which will create a palette just for you. 

Fall is primarily shades of: 

  • beige
  • yellow
  • orange
  • red
  • green
  • brown


Fall has many main symbols to associate with it, for example: 

  • leaf (maple, acorn)
  • pumpkin
  • acorn (nuts)
  • corn
  • mushroom
  • apple 
  • rain
  • warm drink
  • sweater
  • candle
  • black cat
  • pie
  • squirrel
  • woven basket


People want to feel at ease. Support it with sweet but readable handwritten fonts or a simple minimalistic serif and san-serif combo. Focus on cozy and easy-to-read fonts that feel very homely. 

You can also use tons of emojis: 🍂 🍊 🌰 🥧 🔥 🏮 🥮 🎃


Spice up your headlines and subject line with some cinnamon spice and everything warm, cozy, and nice. 

Use words such as:

Bountiful Crisp Colorful

Moonlit Vibrant Windy

Enchanting Earthy Cozy

Fresh Rainy Relaxing Orange

Pumpkin-spiced Foraging Comfortable

How to This Fall/Halloween Season

To sum this up. This season is a great way to reach out to your audience in a thematic manner. It has a clear and well-known set of colors, words, and symbols, so it is fast and easy to apply to your design. Creating fun and warm atmosphere by being there during Halloween or fall (or both) helps you get the desired reads and clicks. It also establishes a connection to your brand and this season, so the audience will be more likely to remember you, and they will be converted and remain loyal.