As any business, you are looking forward to your sales! Whether you are an experienced business or a beginning startup, you might still have many questions on how to create a perfect promotional email template design that will helps boost your sales. We may not have answers to all your problems. But we will still help you with valuable knowledge if you are asking the following questions: What are promotional emails? Why is it worth sending promotional emails? How to create a helpful promotional email template? Where can I get tips on promotional email templates design?...and many more. We will help you by first explaining what promotional emails are and what content they have. Finally, we'll focus on promotional email templates design and our unique '5C's' principle for your success. You will also definitely love our FREE Dragit promotional email templates that will help you boost your sales!

What are promotional emails?

Promotional emails are emails sent to inform clients about your new and existing products/services. Promotional emails try to spread awareness about you and your products and help jump-start sales and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Why shall you send promotional emails and prepare your promotional email templates?

Promotional emails are a type of email marketing that will help you:

1. Maintain contact with clients

Promotional emails help you keep in touch with clients and convert passive subscribers into active clients. Promotional emails are designed to build the relationship and interaction of the client/subscriber with your company.

2.Save money and time

It is no news that email marketing is a perfect tool for generating profit. Targeted promotional emails are undoubtedly one of the most effective forms of advertising. They are the emails you send to people who already have the awareness or even personal experience with your brand. They thus are more likely to buy your product. The promotional email marketing campaign is a more effective and less time-consuming way of converting your existing leads with the highest return on investment (ROI).

3.Create value

With promotional emails, you will help create value both for yourself (in the form of finances and an increase in clients) and your subscribers. You will clearly and concisely show what you offer and why the client needs it! The better you target them and make a short, clear email template with calls to action, the more active clients you will have from them!

How to create promotional email templates?

There are 3 essential aspects to be aware of when creating promotional email templates:

1.What are your promotional email templates promoting?

It is important to determine what you want to promote in your email. 

First and foremost, it promotes your products/services and, therefore you. It means a promotional email template, like all your emailing, should be an image of your company. To show the right impression of your company, you have to know who your company is. That's where the "branding" comes from. While branding could be a standalone topic, we'll at least try to outline the essentials here for you.

So what is "branding"? The word branding is derived from the English word "brand". Although one could often get from the definition just the tip of the iceberg, that is that branding only includes the visual identity of the given company (brand), this is not the case. In today's world, branding is used as a cumulative image of your company, from its logo, color palette, way of communication, choice of language, employees, products to its clientele and, of course, email marketing templates! These are all aspects that will help your clients to create as precise image of you as possible, and your goal is to make this image as positive as possible. Branding is everything you use to build awareness and a good reputation among clients.

Then you just need to set a clear promotion goal, you will be achieving with your email templates, which can be, for example:

- New products/services promotion

- Special offers for (new) customers

- Seasonal and holiday events

- Giveaways and contests

- Limited time events

- Other special promos (coupons, promo codes, 2 for 1, etc.)

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- Promotional email subject and preheader: use a clear and engaging subject and preheader. The email's subject is the first thing the recipients will see in their inbox. It is necessary to describe your promotional email as best as possible in its short length (1-7 words) and thus ensure that the client opens it. The preheader is the text right after the subject, usually 40-130 characters long. In the preheader, you can include a catchy question, an enticing fact, or a short introduction to the content of your e-mail.

- The main content of the promotional email: You do not need long flowery language. Time is money, and every second counts; help clients to see the best possible value (example: “Save time and money with our new app”).

Make sure everything goes smoothly, don't bore them, and you halfway there! For example, attract interest with percentages or amounts of discounts, e.g., with a short catchy "BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT UP TO 80%!".

Underline everything with a clear call to action and use expressions that support a sense of urgency. You can find inspiration in our FREE Dragit promo templates!

- Don't forget to add to your promotional email template: logo, contact information and social networks.

!TIPS AND TRIKS!: Be personal. Make clients feel connected to you by addressing them by their names (e.g., Psst, Jane, we have a surprise for you…). Don't forget to act personally, too, show you are thinking of them (for example, by using a signature and a photo at the end of the email template). Of course, only if it fits your company's identity.

2.Why are you sending promotional emails?

Why are you sending promotional emails? We have mentioned it briefly earlier, but here are some statistics to spell and number it out for you number lovers out there.

There are two main reasons you want to promote your offers through email campaigns: to retain your existing customer base and to generate new costumers. Do not forget, that 81% of SMEs (SMBs) use email marketing in their business as a primary source of converting their new leads to buyers, and 80% of SMBs are also using it as a customer retention tool. And why you may ask, are so many companies concentrating on it? Because the ROI on such an activity can reach up to 42x! They do it because it pays off and pays off very well!

3.To whom are you sending promotional emails?

So we already know what we are promoting and why we are doing it. Now we need to clarify to whom we are sending promotional emails. While you may think that companies do a single version of a promotional email template and send it out, this is usually not the case. The best way to create the most effective promotional emails is to segment your subscribers clearly (divide them into clear groups). Segmentation will allow you to create emails that are as tailored as possible. This way, your subscribers will be more likely to engage with your correspondence. It will generate the leads you want and help you get a sales boost!

You can divide your customers in different ways, the basic 4 criteria for segmentation are:

How to design an effective promotional email template?

When designing your promotional email templates, you can refer to our "5Cs" principle for your success:

1. Captivating - Promotional e-mail is able to capture attention with first glance

As we said in the content section, it's best to use a minimum of text and get straight to the point. Do the same with the design proposal of your promotional email. Lead reader's eyes as they move from logo to call to action as quickly as you can count to five, just like:

1… *consistent design, clear not exaggerated size* LOGO

2… *big bold text* SALE SALE SALE!

3… *most prominent text* UP TO 80%

4… *prominent smaller text* DON'T MISS OUT, ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!

5… *contrast call to action button* BUY NOW!

Header, aaand done.

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2.Consistent - Promotional e-mail has firm and consistent base to build on

No matter what you are creating, it is always necessary to have something to build on. That is, why we are here, but also why our COMPLETELY FREE ALREADY PREPARED DRAGIT TEMPLATES! are here. We have several different styles, colours, contents that you can build on or that you can modify in seconds and be ready to send out emails. Or you can use our PRO version, where you can build your own templates and then use them for any future emailing, so you have the whole basis you need always handy! 

Branding, which was already mentioned, is definitely also included under the solid foundations of design. Always use your logo in the header so that the customer can immediately see who it is and remember you. Use your company colors and spice them up, or support them with contrasting buttons and a minimum of contrasting text, for what you need to catch the eye!

Don't forget to be consistent not only in the text, but especially in the design. Use similar or complimentary fonts. Realize what is important and always highlight it with a larger and more attractive font (or color as well).

3.Creating value - Promotional e-mail creates value for the costumer

Help your clients make decisions and show them they need your product/services. Make it easier for them to move their eyes around the page with enticing large and colorful slogans, and use catchy images to spice things up. Show them the kind of promotional emails that clients will be happy to receive! Then will they feel they need and want this information!

4. Costomer-focused - Promotional e-mail knows its audience 

Monitor your segments, and learn what you can from the information you get from your email campaigns: what creates the biggest traction, what attracts the given audience the most? 

 - Are they tempted by discounts on items from their cart or wish list? Generate discount emails with a list of discounted items you know they want!

- Do you see them waiting for discount codes? Send them a code for an occasion (long abandoned cart, birthday, holiday, season)!

- Do they need to see to buy? Focus on product images!

- Have they been inactive for a long time? Remind them what attracted them to you, a little about you and a little about the products, and send some irresistible offers in a "We miss you!" promo campaign.

5.Closing sales - Promotional e-mail creates easy pathway to close a sale

If you already have all the previous C's under your thumb, then all you need to sell are amazing CTA Buttons - BUTTONS, BUTTONS! BUY NOW, SHOP, KEEP SHOPPING, DISCOUNTS, WHAT'S NEW, DON'T MISS IT!

In Conclusion

This article has covered the essential knowledge for your perfect Promotion email template, from content to design.

We hope we showed you how excellent promotional emails are for retaining and acquiring clients and what an incredible return on investment they can bring to your business.

Don’t forget about your branding. It is necessary again and again to know who you are, what you want, and why and for whom you are doing it. 

Remember to be authentic, personal, and concise. Get to the point in your email content and create straightforward, clear, and engaging designs!

After all the readings, it is time to apply the knowledge and theory we have discussed. Try designing now your best promotional email templates with Dragit - Professional Drag and Drop email editor and our inspiring collection of Promo Templates.